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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the thing is react with your -- keep your head on your shoulders. react and get away and you'll be safe. >> again, if you're just joining us here as we approach the 2:00 hour in the east, 1:00 in dallas, texas, we are watching breaking news right now. a shooting that took place about 40 minutes ago at dallas love field airport. we have instagram video that's what you're seeing on the left side of your creascreen where of these individuals captured this moment as it happened. authorities cornering an individual, yelling at that person before a total of nine or ten shots we hear on the tape were fired. we know one individual has been injured. we do not believe that is a member of law enforcement. that person is presently being transported to one of the nearby hospitals there. and we are also now learning that passengers at dallas love field, and only a matter of 40 minutes time, are being rescreened and allowed back into the terminal. so, jim, what does that -- let
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me -- excuse me. charles hadlock i believe is on the phone for us from dallas right now. you just arrived on scene, can you give us a sense of what you're seeing and what you're able to witness? >> hi, peter, it looks like they're trying to open up the airport again. traffic is pulling up to the terminal, at least from my vantage point it looks that way. stuck back in traffic. normally you would see southwest airlines planes taking off about every three minutes or so. i haven't seen any planes taking off or landing here other than general aviation aircraft. there are a lot of people stuck in traffic, some people are carrying their bags to and from the airport a distance of perhaps a half mile carrying their bags to get to and from the airport. this -- a shooting apparently happened at the baggage claim area. it's unclear from the instagram video whether it happened outside the doorway or inside the doorway. clearly, you can hear about ten shots being fired from a police
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officer. there are no instructions given other than to tell people to get back. the shooting is over, apparently, one person was transported away from the airport by fire department personnel. his or her condition is unknown at this time. the dallas police department says the airport is working to get back up and operating. as you mentioned everyone had to go out of the secure area and go back through screening because many people ran both directions through the screening area. so they have to shut it down and start all over again with that. a process that will take some time to filter out here in dallas. >> yeah, that's exactly right. as you stay with us, on the left side of our screen the audience is for the first time seeing live pictures courtesy of our affiliate there in the dallas fort worth area, kxas you can see the dallas police vehicles there. the cones there as well that may
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have preceded the shooting taking place. this doesn't look like an airport that anybody is going to be arriving at anytime soon as they have, at least that baggage claim area closed off. was there security spread out further to check individuals as they pull up to the airport right now? >> not yet. i'm about a quarter mile from the building itself. i don't see any evidence of any police officers or road blocks at this point. but you're right. there are probably five or six baggage carousels there, in a tightly confined area. if they're going to be investigating the shooting inside that area, that's going to be a problem. but right now, we are unable to confirm whether the shooting happened inside the airport, just inside the doorway, or outside on the sidewalk as people leave the baggage claim to get in their cars and drive away. >> we definitely see those individuals with the weapons, the security officers outside the baggage claim area. but it's not entirely clear
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whether that entire episode took place outside or if at some point it took place in any form inside that baggage claim area. jim cavanaugh, the former atf special agent who spent a lot of time -- i know you did in dallas is on the line with us as well right now. we're told that the situation is under control. we certainly still see a lot of police activity taking place there. can an investigation like this wrap up quickly or when it takes place in a place like an airport you just make sure you get everything right and secure the area before you take any chances? >> the knowledge they had when the event occurred, peter -- sometimes when you're in baggage claim areas like that. we had a lot of drug mules that were bringing narcotics would come in from various places, dea and customs worked that stuff pretty heavy. you have a person who is engaging with law enforcement at the baggage claim.
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you know, there could be something where he's trying to get in to hurt somebody or trying to get out with some items. it may be a serious crime. he may be, you know, a very violent or desperate person and he has a gun and there's a shooting. it looked like right at the doorway to baggage claim. that's an interesting spot. from the police standpoint you have to remember the attack in europe at the terminal, which we just all saw where the terrorists went and were at the terminal. we don't know the motive here, but, you know, airport terminals are sensitive places when people have guns or are trying to get in with a package or trying to go in a back way or something like that. it could turn quickly if law enforcement tries to prohibit -- >> excuse me interruption. i want to get to my colleague tom costello who is in the building, our washington headquarters keeping an eye. you're getting new information as well, what more can you share?
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>> the dallas airport authority director is saying they're going to have to rescreen the people, this is according to the dallas morning news that the reason they're rescreening passengers there at the airport is because during the chaos of this when shots were ringing out, people just scattered and run through the airport. some of them running right past the tsa checkpoint in a panic. so now they've got to bring those folks back out and su that nobody ran past the tsa checkpoint that might have a weapon. so this is going to be a little bit of a procedure to do this. but you can understand the panic when you've got a shots fired situation right there on the curb, outside a baggage claim as we count nine shots fired by this police officer. at least one officer it would appear -- pardon me one suspect down on the ground. that that created a scene in which people were running for their lives. and may have run right past security. out of an abundance of caution they're going to go ahead and rescreen everybody. there are some tweets, peter,
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from witnesses who suggest that the started with some sort orf confrontation near a vehicle where a suspect may have been trying to damage a vehicle or was in some way using rocks, it would appear in some way and posing a threat. either to the vehicle or to somebody inside or near the vehicle. and so this may have been how the confrontation started. that's according to witnesses who were tweeting out the series of events, that this started with some sort of a confrontation at or near a vehicle. >> right now we're getting new information courtesy of the dallas morning news. they've spoken to dallas' director of aviation who has said they're going to have to empty the entire terminal. sweep it to make sure it's empty and rescreen. as he says it doesn't take too long to get people out of the airport. it's a question of how long it will take tsa to get everyone rescreened. any american that's travelled or turned on their television in the course of the last several
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weeks knows the changes tsa has had in efficiently screening people right now. on a day like this you know they'll be as cautious as they are before allowing people to head back into the terminal. the individual again, the director of aviation telling the morning news they're working to get at least two of the baggage carousels operational. they've segregated the area where the incident happened. they're keeping people away from that area. he said officials on the ground there hope to have the airport operational by 2:00 p.m. dallas time, 3:00 p.m. eastern time. that would be shy of an hour from now. >> i would make this point, also. it's very early. this happened about 50 minutes ago we believe. as we've said some initial reports suggested the confrontation began with somebody throwing rocks or threatening with a large rock either the officers or the -- a vehicle or people near a vehicle. let's make the point that this is not the place to try to take
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on the police. you're in an environment post 9/11 where the security profile is very high, tensions are always high. even on a normal travel day, everybody is on alert. that's just the world we live in. and so when anything goes down, you've got to keep in mind, that people have not a lot of patience for any sort of activity that might be deemed a threat. we don't know the circumstances here. but, you know, let's keep in mind that this is not something for example that would have happened out in a more open environment. it happened at an airport, a busy important airport in dallas. whatever happened, police, their first priority is to protect passengers and people who are in the terminal. >> on the left side of our screen you can see a live picture. it appears it has frozen. on the left side of the screen inside dallas's love field right now, there we have a live picture from an aerial shot
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courtesy of our affiliate. we have the former port authority commander officer at jfk and lagar guardia airports. one thing specifically, is about cameras, this is an episode because there are so many cameras keeping a close eye on a secure area like a airport where they should get a quick look at exactly what happened here. >> that's true. good afternoon. there are a lot of cameras around different airports, both inside and outside. those cameras are there to monitor security and on a routine basis to monitor traffic. one of the things that is going on right now is when the shooting occurred it appears from what i've seen it occurred on the sidewalk outside of the baggage claim area. a lot of people who would be in baggage claim would have run for safety and many of them may have run backwards through the exit
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from the sterile area. once those people got into the sterile area, the tsa would consider the entire sterile area to be contaminated and the procedure would be to evacuate everyone, do a sweep of the area, and then start screening people and letting them back in. >> kenneth -- >> when the intense screening first began would happen quite often when people would sneak in and we get very, unfortunately, very experienced at evacuating or dumping a terminal sterile area and then having to rescreen and bring everybody back in. >> kenneth -- >> there are good procedures in place at the airports, dallas love field is a very busy airport and their experience there is pretty good at doing this. >> kenneth respecting you're not from dallas -- >> the delays that are going to be occurring in dallas are going to spread out through the air transportation system as flights
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that would have come in there now can't depart or planes that should have gone into there and on to somewhere else aren't going abel to make their scheduled stops. >> kenneth, respecting you're not from the dallas area, that's not an airport that's beneath your past purview, i want to get a sense from you about the training procedures at airports around the country for situations like this. we've seen what happens, you know, when there's an episode with a plane itself on a tarmac and how they clear out passengers. this is a different situation that happened outside of a terminal it appears on the curb. what sort of training passengers do go in place for security officials at airports like dallas love field. >> dallas police department which has a station right there at love field, actually does do exercises, they do table top exercises and they do full scale exercises where they practice evacuations of both the sterile
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and the non-sterile areas. non-sterile areas being the areas before screening. as we've seen, in the recent past and even going back a couple of decades, as the security of the gate areas at airports has increased, the place where the attacks now begin to happen occur before screening, either in the ticket counter areas as they had at lax or out in paris or in the baggage claim areas as we've seen in paris or in russia. and even here in new york, we've had incidents in the baggage claim areas with packages left going back into the 1970's with the twa bombing at la guardia. the airport police, the local police and the other law enforcement agencies along with airport personnel and the tsa all exercise together. they plan together, they do
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table top and full scale exercises together. on a regular basis so that everybody is qualified to act in an emergency. >> and for the audience who is joining us what we're going to do is what you're seeing on the right side of the screen is the video of the shooting incident that it took place a full hour ago. i'll ask my producers if we can rack that tape. let's play it right now for those just tuning in, here is the shooting that caused the lockdown of dallas love field within the last hour. [ gun shots ]
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this is the instagram video that took place at roughly 55 minutes ago. al you see in the neon shirt in the back one of the security officers with his -- a gun in his hands as he's targeting this one individual. a second officer behind him. tom costello is joining us right now, again, from our newsroom. i should tell you as i hand it to you we're being told by law enforcement in dallas they will hold a news conference in roughly 15 minutes from now where we hope to get more details. what more are you just learning? >> investigations has learned this apparently started, they believe started as a domestic violence situation. and there had been tweets very early on from witnesses who said a suspect was threatening either another person or a vehicle with a large rock. and that he was ordered to put it down and somehow that began a serious of events in which officers felt the need to fire. so nbc news investigations reporting this apparently began as a case of domestic violence.
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i must say that as you watch this, there's an individual towards the back there, a woman it appears and she seems to be wearing a dress, her demeanor all along to me has suggested it's possible she wasn't running from the scene, she was watching it transpire as if she knew the participate who was facing off with police. so whatever this is at this early juncture it does not appear to be necessarily a case of terrorism. it may be a case of domestic violence that went terribly wrong when police try today intervene and stop it and they felt the need to fire on the suspect. who as we have said has been transported by fire department paramedics to a local hospital. >> if there's any good piece of news here, the belief system would be based on that information this was not in any way relate today terror. it does demonstrate how a singular episode a domestic violence situation has the potential to have an impact on thousands of individuals as we look at 1:16 p.m. local time in
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dallas. the scene inside love field where in the chaos we are told after the shooting took place that many people rushed away from the curb, which is to say they ran in toward the terminal. many of them rushing past the tsa checkpoint, which we understand require them to clear everybody out, which likely required them to make sure that the entire terminal is secure before they allow individuals back in through tsa. tom, this is going to be a matter of hours, the impact not just in dallas but likely in other cities nearby as other individuals are waiting for incoming aircraft. >> i think arrivals are still being allowed at love field, it's the departures that may have to be delayed as they decide, you know, who needs to be rescreened and try to take care of that process. that will be a lengthy process, especially as we've been led to believe, you can see by the video there they be got a lot of people to rescreen and they'll
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be methodical about this. here's why, you might say, wait a minute, it seems to be an isolated domestic violence situation the police dealt with on the curb why do we need to rescreen everybody? in addition to whether anybody might have run past the tsa checkpoints, keep in mind police are worried about whether there's a diversion. if there's a situation playing out to divert police away from their primary job which is to insure the airport is properly secured. they will take this very seriously and methodically. they want to make sure that this is, in fact, an isolated domestic violence situation that they have dealt with as opposed to part of a broader plot to divert police away from their core mission. you can understand -- you start seeing the bigger picture post 9/11. why this becomes a methodical process of insuring everybody in that airport is safe and secure and that anybody who gets on a plane has in fact been screened.
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this is as we've said this is following all the protocols that went into place post 9/11 at airports across the country. and airports share a tremendous amount of information about how they deal with incidents. this is certainly not the first case of domestic violence we've seen play out at an airport or the first time a police have had to shoot somebody at an airport that was unrelated to terrorism. may have been involved in a confrontation or criminal act. they share that information with the fbi, other airports around the country with the tsa and they try to come up with training procedures to follow in this kind of a situation. >> you make a good point there about the potential that this would be a diversion and why they can't just assume this episode is done for the moment. i want to get to our nbc news producer who happens to be traveling out of love field today. we're glad you're well and safe inside. can you give us a sense of what you're experiencing, what, if
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anything has been communicated to you and whether or not there's a likelihood you'll get through into that terminal anytime soon. >> sure. i do not anticipate i'll be getting through anytime soon. i just spoke to a couple who was on board ready to take off on a southwest flight. and they were informed that they needed to get off the plane. there had been a shooting curb side at the airport and that everyone on the plane needed to go back to the ticket counter, get reticketed and go back through security. i've tried to speak with a few love field employees, but really haven't heard much from them other than they will make an announcement on the loud speaker once screening reopens. right now, there are bars down across where you would typically walk in to get screened or the
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security checkpoint. it looks like it is still closed, at least for now. >> christine, give me a sense of what that experience now was an hour ago. was there chaos inside the terminal. was it calm because you're in the area where people were preparing to depart and this happened at the baggage claim area? what was the experience as this took place? >> i was just arriving at hertz to drop off my vehicle and was informed there a shooting had just occurred and they were not allowing any traffic, at least from the hertz van or any of the rental car vans into the terminal. so i did not arrive until probably 30 minutes after the shooting. but when i approached, there were cop cars blocking off the area immediately in front of the terminal. i spoke to one passenger that
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was leaving, he said he was allowed to go through baggage claim to get his bag. and they are allowing people out of the terminal who have landed. but, again, i believe they are rescreening everyone that was inside the terminal. >> christine is a producer with nbc news who had the unfortunpl situation of leaving dallas love field. we'll ask you as you're able to gather more information and we'll check back with you. i want to get to tom costello, our correspondent who covers all things aviation. transportation in general. tom, this is a situation that at this time appears it may be domestic violence related nonetheless when it takes place in a public space like an
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airport, the impact is significant. >> well, i think that's absolutely accurate. we've seen that with departures are affected out of love field this afternoon on a beautiful day in dallas. blue skies as you can see. but arrivals apparently are not being affected. this can't go on forever, eventually you start stacking up aircraft. they're not moving out so you have as you've heard the ripple effect. those planes are late going to their next destination and therefore the people at the next destination are late. this will have a ripple effect. good news is, this is not necessarily affecting major major cities. in other words, it's not dfw, it's not atlanta, it is a secondary airport. an important one but a secondary airport in dallas. i do think it's perhaps important to reset the stage about what we know right now. at 2:23 on the east coast. this happened about an hour ago or so. right about now when according to witnesses and according to our investigative unit here at nbc news, somebody, a gentleman
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apparently, was in some sort of a domestic violence altercation there on the curb outside of the baggage carousel area. and it appears he had been armed with a rock. but it sounds as if it was a large rock. and that he was threatening somebody or somebody's vehicle, police ordered him to put it down, to stop and he didn't. and at some point they felt the need to fire. i count nine shots, they fired four shots and a series of five more shots that rang out. interesting, also, peter, i'm struck by how many people seem to just -- >> stuck around. >> and drifted towards it the scene of the shooting. you see several men curious. us guys are always curious, aren't we. several of them start walking over in that direction to see what's going on as opposed to taking shelter which would seem to be the prudent thing to do in an event like this when you've got shots fired. i venture to say most of us have
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never been in a situation where a police officer is actively firing his weapon that's what's transpiring there at love field. >> again, as we look at the live pictures on the left side of our screen, you can see the frustration, these individuals trying to sort out with the rest of their travel day as they try to get rescreened and head back through the tsa security checkpoints to catch their flights. we hope to get some more details from on the ground specifically when dallas police host a news conference that should take place within the next five minutes or so. again, tom, i hear you're gathering more information. >> i do need to bring it back. the fort worth police officers are saying that love field, i'm quoting, the firy are shutting love field because of an officer involved shooting near baggage claim. so this is coming from the fort worth police as we understand
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officer -- police department probably public information officer we're getting more as we can. that's preliminary at this point. flights may be at this point not doing a whole heck of a lot because of the situation. >> i want to make sure i get this right. information, obviously, in the early hours after an episode like this, the information can be conflicting. what you're hearing right now is they are shutting down love field? >> i'm getting that from a tweet. fort worth police tweeting out love field shut down after officer vaurveinvolved shooting. we'll find out if that's an officer pio or union. that's what they put out. >> i wonder if they mean past tense it was shut down. there's a lot of information, there's the tsa sign there as people try to make their way back through. obviously, those folks haven't been kicked out. they may have been kicked out the terminal itself but they're
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waiting, it appears at least to reenter. as we look at this scene taking place right now at dallas love field, about seven miles outside of downtown dallas, dfw, obviously, a hub for american airlines. is the major airport in that city. but this one, dallas love obviously very popular with those who like to fly with southwest airlines. it's one of their most frequently travelled locations throughout that region as well. you can hear some of the screaming as we continue to play this video as -- there it is on the right side of your screen. the situation taking place, now just about an hour and ten minutes ago. as tom costello and jim cavanaugh and others have been sharing with us. right now we believe this was part of a domestic violence type incident. we know that only one individual was injured here and that that person unclear if it is the
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presumed suspect, but they vhav been taken to a hospital. joining us is brendan mccord. he's inside the airport. he was among those placed on this lockdown. give me a sense of what you witnessed and what's going on there right this moment. >> so i had cleared the security checkpoint when the incident happened. and the first we heard about it inside the terminal was when the dallas police got on the public announcing circuit and said there had been an incident. people were calm because they didn't have a sense of what that incident might have been. they pretty promptly dumped the terminal was the phrase they used and put us out here.. i'm standing between baggage claim and a lock down security checkpoint and there's a crowd of a thousand or 2000 people in the barrier that's between the checkpoint and the curb.
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>> and so to be clear you're now outside. has it been communicated to you when you'll be allowed back inside. >> the last announcement we heard was about 15 minutes ago. and so by just overhearing conversations my belief is they're trying to ascertain whether anyone made it through the checkpoint who was associated with the shooting or not. but we're not being screened at this time. and the checkpoint is shut down. >> thank you very much. i know you're on the ground there at dallas love airport. there's a news conference that's taking place right now. we're going to try to get that for you live momentarily. tom i want to get back to you. >> two things, first of all that was in fact the police union that was saying that the airport is shut down. that's not an official source within the airport and our affiliate you're seeing that is their graphics on the left hand
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side. they say love field operation is not affected. i found that interesting what that gentleman just said. he said security the checkpoint shut down. here's your live news conference. >> at this time, the report is he was able to separate himself from that individual. gain some distance, try to gain some time. but the individual came toward him again and so he discharged his weapon a number of times. that gentleman was struck. and had to be transported to a local hospital. it's too early at this time to be able to tell you what his condition is. when he left i believe he was conscious. we also have not had the opportunity to identify him yet. only know that he is an african-american male. during the shooting, we believe there were some folks in the security line who were startled
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and so they went through security line without being checked. so the airport has had to pull everybody back out of the secure area and recheck them for security purposes. and that might be some of the reason that you may have heard that the airport has been shut down. that's not the case. the airport is not been shut down, but they are having to rescreen everybody because some folks made it through when they heard the gun shots or they heard there was a disturbance without being screened. if you have any questions i'll try to answer what i can at this time. [ inaudible question ] there was no children in the car. we believe the suspect is the father of the victim's children. >> how is she? >> her condition is fine.
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>> when you say that the suspect rushed the police officer, do you have any more details? >> i can't at this time because we have to go through our process and protocols of investigating this. talking to the officer, what we get at the scene is very preliminary. and then the officers have a period of time a cooling off time before we will be required to come back and give us an official statement. so that is very preliminary when i tell you that. that is just what we believe happened based on initial discussions. [ inaudible question ] we believe he had a rock and as you can see there are a number of very large rocks next to the car that has been damaged below us here. and so we believe that he had one of those rocks during the time that he was involved in the altercation with the lady. and when he was involved with the officers.
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[ inaudible question ] we don't know any back story again. we'll bring the lady in, get a full statement from her as to what happened. it's clearly too soon for us to be able to comment on that. >> did the suspect make contact with the officer? described it as rushing the officer, did they come into physical contact? >> again, that's something we need to talk to the officer clearly about. also, we've been made aware that there are one or two videos that have surfaced on social media. our special investigations unit are aware of those and try to find the folks who posted them. interviewing witnesses who may have other video that hasn't been posted. that will help us be able to
11:34 am
answer that question as we do a complete and thorough investigation like we always do. >> was it one officer that fired shots or were there multiple? >> there was one officer involved in this situation. [ inaudible question ] the officer will be placed on routine or administrative leave. per our policy. >> were the mother and children always in the car? [ inaudible ] >> we've been listening to a news conference taking place at dallas love field airport. let's capture some of the information we just learned. we're told this began as a domestic disturbance that took place inside baggage claim. we're now back.
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let's listen again. >> all the disturbance -- [ inaudible ] again, there is a large police presence at love field. and most likely he was just unaware of it. >> according to one witness he said the suspect told the officer shoot me shoot me. have you been able to corroborate that yet? >> nothing to corroborate that. we've heard the same thing, that will be part of our investigation into the incident. >> we heard nine shots in one of the social media videos, do we know how many times the man was shot? >> we don't know that at this time. obviously, we'll send somebody to the hospital that he was sent to to try to determine that. as well as our forensic and crime scene work we'll do to determine if that's the correct number or not.
11:36 am
>> did you know how long the baggage area will be shut down? >> i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> i don't believe the tsa lines are shut down, they brought folks out so they could rescreen because folks got past rescreening. [ inaudible question ] you need to give yourself a lot of time. so -- again, i'm not the airport spokesman or the airport expert, but commonsense tells you you're coming to the airport today, give yourself more than the usual allotted time you would get [ inaudible [ inaudible ] that will have to be determined through the investigation, too early for me to be able to tell you. yes, there's luggage next to the car, the car is next to the baggage claim. again, gives you a sense that one or the other may have been dropping the other off.
11:37 am
you don't know that until you conduct the investigation. >> you don't know if they came together or if he met her here. >> not at this time. >> you said that the suspect who had a rock? >> the suspect had a rock. >> but did not possess a firearm? >> not that we are aware of at this time. >> do you know the role of the suv that's behind it? the white one? >> no. >> was it one of those rocks for the landscaping over there? >> i would only be speculating, but that would be a good guess. >> the fbi is here. what are they doing here? did you guys call them in or is it because it's an airport? >> they'll have to answer that question. >> people were in line for the baggage claim -- [ inaudible question ] >> probably the airport has
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social media and should probably try to find those sites and listen to any announcements that the airport makes inside. >> can you speak to what charges he will be facing, assuming he survives? >> not at this time. no, ma'am. thank you very much. >> thanks, chief. >> we've been listening to the dallas police department spokesperson i believe the chief who is speaking there as you were watching with us right now. this is a live picture from dallas love field airport giving us more details about the shooting that took place about an hour and 20 minutes ago. dallas police now confirming that this disturbance as they describe it began inside our at least at the baggage claim. they say it was an incident between a woman and the father of her children. the officer telling us that that man was at one point at least whether he brought it with him or carrying at the time they engaged him holding on to what they believed was a rock.
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from the information we're being told right now. unclear he had any weapon on him. but was engaged by officers in this scene you see on the right side of your screen. there is that officer with the neon shirt, weapon raised. a total of nine, perhaps ten shots were fired. hitting this individual who is now we are told been taken to a nearby hospital. his condition at this time not entirely clear. the suspect an african-american man, again, appears to have been involved in some confrontation with the mother of his children. gabe gutierrez my colleague is on the ground for us in dallas right now. gabe, as i understand it you've made your way to dallas love field airport right now. what are you seeing as we show our audience a live picture on the left side right now of just the mass of people who have been forced to leave the terminal and can only wait in line for the opportunity to rescreen and move forward? >> reporter: hi there, good
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afternoon. yes, we did make our way here to dallas love field. very difficult getting in. a lot of traffic in this area. let me step out of the way and our cameraman can show you the scene right here. this is the screen. that is closed off. now, they are routing all traffic through arrivals right now. the departure area is closed. i count at least eight or nine police cruisers here cordoning off the scene. it was hard to hear the news conference a few minutes ago from my vantage point. it appears to be a domestic disturbance and police say the suspect had -- was throwing a rock at this vehicle, at you've been saying police confronted that suspect. and several shots were fired according to that instagram video. we heard at least nine shots or so. now the situation here at the airport, we understand that flights are coming in and out of here. there's confusion among the passengers and several passengers we've been speaking with they've been trying to figure out what's going to happen with their flights.
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the traffic coming into the airport right now is very heavy. it was very difficult to get in here. we're on the third floor of the parking deck overlooking the scene. you can see the baggage claim area right there. still a heavy police presence on the scene. if you can pan down and show where traffic is moving right now, a little bit further down the street there is -- an even heavier police presence where they're routing traffic. if you have a flight at dallas love field it will take you a very long time to get here. since passengers are being rerouted back towards security this could have a ripple effect for a long time here at dallas love. back to you. >> gabe, thanks so much. for those of us joining us right now we're learning new information from southwest airlines. this obviously a popular air destination for southwest travellers. southwest is writing the following as this investigation into today's shooting outside dallas love field continues,
11:42 am
southwest confirms all of our employees and customers are safe. they are work ing with local and federal authorities to fully restore operation at the airport. they know -- this is important for people specifically in the dallas area, that as gabe has been communicating, vehiclular traffic is being rerouted around the investigation. the customers traveling to and from dallas love should go to the website, southwest says for the latest information on specific flights and the flexibility to try to change your travel plans that involve dallas today. they say they are working with air traffic controllers nationwide to manage inbound air traffic. one of the obvious problems that is created by this back log as that even as flights may be able to arrive there, the ability to exit through the baggage claim certainly at this hour may be compromised as it likely remains in some form an active crime scene as they gather new information about this scene. the video you see on the top
11:43 am
right of your screen is being shot by my colleague christine moore, she's an nbc news producer who is travel -- excuse me christine fillmore. she is shooting those live pictures right now. it looks like the line even digitized as it is off a cell phone is moving slowly. have they reported anything to you? have the loud speakers been blurting out instructions to those who are hoping to get out of there? >> yes, they have been giving announcements over the loud speaker, they raised the metal bars that were closing off the security area. so the security check has resumed. the line is moving, they did inform us that the line -- since it is so long would be snaking outside to the sidewalk. so this is just a portion of the line that is waiting for the
11:44 am
security checkpoint right now. the tsa and dallas love field staff have been walking around handing out waters and trying to give information. but as of right now that's all the information i have. >> that's good information. we appreciate it very much. keep shooting as long as your battery allows. you're giving us and everybody at home a better look at what's exactly going on there at the dallas love airfield airport. tom costello? >> this is likely to play out for a number of hours until they're able to get everybody back through security. as you know, the other problem is outside the terminal, because they're not allowing the free flow of traffic given that's a crime scene. that's going to delay people as well. you and i had trouble hearing some of that news conference because it was coming off -- i believe it was being shot on a cell phone. let me fill in a couple of blanks if you don't mind. apparently you and i couldn't
11:45 am
hear very well. the police cheief is saying the suspect began using rocks as a weapon to attack a woman in a car at dulles love field and the officers were responding to the incident. and then the man, the suspect allegedly rushed the officer and the officer was able to get out of the way and then the suspect rushed the officer again threatening him with a large rock and that is when the officer had to fire. we should also make the point -- i think you and i can't see, but apparently there is some very large decorative rocks in that area. not your typical fist sized rock, but large rocks. i get the impression that is what the suspect was using as a weapon, not only aimed at the car that this -- somebody who had a relationship with was in, but then also using that as a weapon aimed at the officer itself. the officer felt, obviously, that it was a very threatening situation and felt the need to
11:46 am
you can see the vehicle that was under attack by this man, carrying this large rock that he was striking it. you know, my eye is not as good as some it looks like significant damage i think to the back windshield it appears as if that may have been knocked out. is that what you guys are seeing? let me get to gabe gutierrez. he's looking at it. he can probably give us the best information about what that crime scene looks like. go ahead. >> hey there, peter. we just moved down a few feet in this parking garage to get a better vantage point of the car. you can see several rocks around that area that could potentially have been where the suspect picked up some of those rocks police say he was brandishing at police. i'm going to ask my cameraman to pan out so you can get perspective here. this is right next to baggage claim door three at the very end
11:47 am
of the terminal. you can see this entire area is blocked off. traffic right now is heading underneath in the arrivals area. all the police activity you're seeing is up above at the departures area. as we zoom now back into this car, again, police say that there was some sort of disturbance, some sort of fight happening inside that car between a man and a woman. there apparently appears to be some of the windows that were damaged in this car, the suspect then apparently got some rocks nearby and would not put them down when police arrived on the scene. several shots were fired. several feet away. we're not exactly sure which -- somewhere around baggage claim door three. those shots were fired. again, right now we're looking at a live picture right now of that car where this happened. >> all right. gabe. thank you very much right now. again, that's the live picture on the left side of the screen.
11:48 am
you can see the vehicle is badly damaged as it is right now. jim cavanaugh you're on the line with us as well. our law enforcement analyst as it were on this day. so, obviously, you see the tape around, this is a crime scene. what will investigators do when they get to that vehicle itself? what will they be looking for as we see some bags besides it and some other debris as it were, including rocks littered around it? >> they're going to photograph it, they're going to look at all the rocks around it. the front side view which you're not sieeing right now but was o the breaking news app earlier, the front windshield is crushed in with a large rock. the rock is still laying right by the wipers, there's a large dent in the hood that appears to be from a rock. you have the broken driver's window. rocks laying about the side there. and so this car and its occupants supposedly a woman and
11:49 am
children were under assault by these football, softball sized rocks. apparently the event when the police officer intervened it moved more toward the terminal. i know that spot exactly. i've gotten a cab right there. i walked right there. it's the end of the terminal as the terminal sort of ends at love field just a few feet away when you showed the wider shot, the terminal is right there. people come out with their bag, get a taxi or get picked up. when the officer arrived, the officer and the assailant obviously became in this dance of violence more toward the baggage claim area. we first heard a few shots, police officers shoot, not to kill. but to stop the person from doing what they're doing. so the officer is trying to stop the person from maybe assaulting him with a similar rock, he shoots a few times. that behavior doesn't stop. the man keeps advancing. which is not unusual either
11:50 am
because it's not hollywood where one shot drops everybody. shots missed, shots don't hit, you know, a fatal spot on the body, on the main part of the body, you can hit an arm, you can miss, hit a leg. the person can keep advancing. i'd say that's probably what the first four shots were, the person kept advancing, maybe toward the terminal. you know, everybody's in danger then if he has a rock and advancing on an armed police officer and then maybe the second series of shots. >> jim cavanaugh, msnbc analyst, retired special agent with the atf. jim, i appreciate your help so much here on this day. we are going to take a short break right now. as we continue to watch the breaking news taking place, the shooting involving an officer. an african-american mail who was believed to have confronted the mother of his children using rocks as his weapon when attacking that vehicle on your screen. he is believed to be the only individual that man who was
11:51 am
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11:54 am
we're back now with more of our breaking news here, i'm peter alexander in washington, d.c. what you see on your screen is instagram video that was shot about an hour and a half ago at dallas love field airport. where an officer involved shooting took place only one vinyl hurt was the suspect. who according to police, confronted the mother of his children after attacking a vehicle with rocks as well. my colleague, gabe gutierrez is on the ground there at dallas love field where we are understanding they are finally allowing people to head back into the terminal through tsa. this happened near baggage claim. so when many people were -- heard about this they rushed in which require them to rescreen everybody. to clear the terminal and rescreen everybody. again, now to gabe gutierrez who
11:55 am
is on the ground. as i understand you're speaking to someone who has a good vantage point of what happened as you can get. >> we're looking at the live picture of the car where this happened. i'm standing next to a guy named bryan armstrong. he said he's the one that shot the instagram video. he had an incredible vantage point to what happened here. bryan preferred not to speak on camera. we're speaking to him off camera. we wanted to know exactly what happened. tell us what happened here. >> from my understanding what i seen, i came out of door two and i seen a police running across the street with his gun drawn he was yelling at an african-american man with dreds. he said stop and put the rock down. he wasn't. they fired on him. once he hit the ground they kept telling him to stop moving, i guess he was still moving and
11:56 am
they shot five more shots. >> we're looking outside baggage claim door three. this happened around this area? is that what you're saying. >> he was walking past this back car with the busted windows i guess that's what he did, i don't know he had a rock in his hand. i think his hand was bleeding from the rock. he was walking towards baggage door 2 and they shot him in the middle. >> how much warning -- what were police saying to him? how many times did this -- >> before they fired the first time, they probably told him to stop like, two or three times. >> how would you describe the scene here as well? you had the foresight to pull out your phone you were arriving -- >> i had my phone in my hand, i'm a videographer, that's my instinct to start recording. everybody was like really in shock everybody was coming utout the door at the same time. nobody knew what was going on. i just was fortunate to have my phone in my hand and the record button was a click away.
11:57 am
>> how did you keep rolling despite the chaos? >> i mean, i've been bullet fired before. it doesn't affect me. i took cover, of course. i went behind the wall. >> what was the demeanor of the woman in the situation. >> i'm not sure i heard her screen afterwards. once he was on the ground i heard her screaming i didn't see her before that. >> were there any children in the area? >> i didn't see any children. >> how long did it take for things to get back to normal? was there confusion among the passengers after you shot the vehicle? >> nobody knew what was going on. the police were trying to get people inside and away from the scene. and i mean, everybody was just shocked and in awe. >> tell me again, was the suspect -- did he say anything to police, what was his demeanor? >> he didn't say anything. he had a stern look on his face. he didn't say anything. he didn't charge. he was just walking and he had the rock in his hand.
11:58 am
>> how long did it take for this incident to play out? we see a few second in the video? how long did it start before that video? >> i mean, like, i literally, press record as soon as i seen the police with his gun drawn, police with a gun drawn it has to be recorded. >> where are you off to now? >> yeah, i was actually headed to my hotel. i was waiting on my uber but they shut down the area. >> thank you so much for sharing that video with us. bryan arm strong preferred not to speak on camera here. he did say he's the man who shot the video and certainly had a vantage point and saw it unfold. >> that's right. it's the video he shot even if we don't see his face, it's the video that tells the story of the day. now just shy of 3:00 here in the east coast. 2:00 in dallas, texas, right now. an hour and 40 minutes after the episode played out. the ripple effect is significant. while we were listening to bryan i was checking twitter. dallas love field has tweeted
11:59 am
out that the tsa security checkpoint there as we've seen from our live pictures has reopened. get this, for the people in the dallas area, if you're planning ahead to dallas love you're being urged to come early. they say expect three hours in line. we're joined now again by tom costello, my colleague as we look at a live picture from the area above dallas love field, the flights prepared to depart and some flights landing there. all they need is the passengers to be able to board them. >> yeah, a couple of points here, first of all, we've got now several planes that are diverti diverting, they're not going into love field because as you would expect this is stacking 1 a significant backup there. we've got already reports of a virgin air flight, southwest air flight diverting and they will be going probably to dfw but not into love field at the moment. and you know, also fair warning here the tsa i think any objective reporting of the tsa over the last few weeks would say that they have done
12:00 pm
everything they can to alleviate the terrible delays that we've seen at airports around the country. we have not seen lines in excess of 40 minutes at any airport over the last three weeks or so. that those hour, two hour long waits we've seen else where they had dealt with that. so this being an extreme situation and should not be categorized as a failure of the tsa in my view, because they're dealing with an emergent police situation on the ground that is necessitating to rescreen everybody for their own safety. this is not failure of the tsa by any stretch of the imagination. clearly, if you are going into love field, you are going to be looking at a significant delay tonight and you might even consider whether you want to rebook if that's at all possible. southwest airlines, by the way, which is really the airline that owns more or less love field is putting out tweets saying get there in plenty of time and be prepared for delays and check with soust


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